Executive Director

As a postdoctoral researcher, I developed the 2BeatHIV project, which uses crowdsourcing contests to engage the public in HIV cure clinical research and design campaigns that promote HIV testing. Through this work, we collaborated with over 50 community-based organizations, businesses, leaders and media outlets to successfully launch a global campaign educating the public about HIV cure research. This campaign included multimedia engagement (I.e., radio, TV, social media), in-person events (I.e., fashion show, hip hop concert, trans women’s empowerment day, forum on Black women in HIV cure research), and consultation with international partners in South Africa, Europe and China. Based on this work, my co-founders, Alexandria Anderson and Marcus Hawley, and I launched a software company called Digital LinCS that matches and connects uninsured people to free and low cost medications and service providers. We will continue to use crowdsourcing as a bottom-up approach to innovate and refine projects that solve health problems.

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