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The mission of the Department of Public Health Education is to prepare students academically and professionally to assume leadership positions in public health. Students develop proficiency in the application of theory, content, and skills to promote, support and enable healthy communities. Students learn how to assist communities in identifying and defining health issues; in designing, implementing, and evaluating effective strategies to address those issues; and in securing resources to successfully implement those strategies.  We prepare our students to work in a variety of settings, including state and local health departments, schools, private non-profit organizations, hospitals and worksites in both domestic and international communities.

A secondary mission of the Department of Public Health Education is to promote the health and well-being of communities through departmental course offerings, faculty research and community service. Department faculty, staff, and students work within communities to promote life-long, self-directed behaviors conducive to health, to advocate for policies supportive of health, and to achieve a more equitable distribution of the resources necessary for health.

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