Levels to This: How to Bring Up Health Concerns at Different Stages of Your Relationships/Sex Life by Indiana Giordani

We tend to have sex lives whether we are single-ish or in an exclusive relationship. Often times, we let that sex life start with “one thing leading to another.” Despite how romantic so many believe it to sound, it isn’t the most responsible or healthiest. How can you make that transition while still being seductive? You may be at different levels and stages of your own relationship so there will be different ways to open the subject. If you haven’t already start here to get some know-how on STIs and getting tested. Then read on to tailor it to your own situation.
If you haven’t had sex yet but it’s an option. 
While you’re cuddled up on the couch or making tacos when there’s been a brief lull in the conversation. Gently call their name/love-name and when they respond ask “How often do you think about having sex with me?”  They may pause for a moment before they answer you. Give them the time then listen to their response. As the conversation progresses you can bring up how you too think about sex with them and that you want to handle it responsibly. That before you decide to do it together you want to get tested together. You may have to ask them how they feel about that if they don’t do so themselves after a few moments. Just a note that anything can be said after this, so be prepared for a possible rebuttal/rejection, diagnosis, or they may be one step ahead of you and have their most recent results.
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