Hello 2BeatHIV,

          This year, my summer theme song is Finesse. As a 29 year Survivor this song encapsulates myself and my journey.  And today I just feel like I’m dripping on the best my life can be.
          I do what I do in THIS fight because I stand on the shoulders of so many angels who I have lost.  These wings that cover me allow me to soar and fight, to give voice to their fight and life, to be a testimony of their Spirit. I do this work because, if in some small way I can impact those infected or affected by this disease in a positive way, then it is well worth it. I want to be a symbol of strength, life and love in spite of stigma, bias, fear and shame. I do this work because for every young man newly infected or at risk for infection. I carry this on my shoulders so that they may not.
          My number one goal of 2018 is to provide access, without barriers, to PrEP for those most at risk.  To have this tool available that has been proven to decrease infections. It is not utilized in the best fashion to those most in need and this issue is of the utmost importance.
          2BeatHIV has been a vehicle of using new, culturally appropriate education to fight and educate those infected and affected.  This tool has shaken up old outlets of information sharing with the goal of giving access to a greater population.
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