Danita King is an NC Central University Alum and a 2017 graduate of Nova Southeastern University with a Masters of Public Health. Ms King serves as the current Program Coordinator for the Durham Knows Campaign. As coordinator, she was instrumental in shifting the campaign towards tailored sexual health messaging which served to expand the campaign’s reach within the community. Below are her responses to a few interview questions.

What is your 2018 theme song?
Sassy by Rapsody

Why do you do what you do?
I believe that knowledge is power. Through the Durham Knows Campaign I get to share the message of HIV Awareness, HIV Prevention, & PrEP with my city which has the potential to save & change lives for the better.

What is your #1 goal of 2018?
To lay a foundation with the campaign that reignites the community’s commitment to end HIV in Durham County.

Why do you love 2BeatHIV?
Through the innovative idea of crowd-sourcing, 2BeatHIV reminds us that to be of best service to our community we must first ask them what they need. By taking a bottom-up approach instead of top-down I believe we will see results much faster.

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