UNC researcher aims to crowdsource a cure for HIV

May 16, 2016

UNC researcher aims to crowdsource a cure for HIV Chapel Hill, N.C. — ​ Durham is known for being a hub for entrepreneurship, but it’s not as well known that Durham County has one of the largest populations of HIV-positive … Continued

The Possibility of an HIV cure is Real and You Can Help

May 4, 2016

We chatted with Dr. Allison Mathews about the #2BeatHiv Project. The goal is to get community members to submit creative solutions on improving community engagement around around HIV cure research. HIV cure research is making advances and the possibility of … Continued

Meet our PI, Dr. Joe Tucker

April 22, 2016

Joseph Tucker’s parents back in western North Carolina understood why their son wanted to be a doctor. They got it when he decided to specialize in infectious diseases in far-off China. But now they aren’t quite sure what he’s doing, … Continued