The most important takeaway from this episode depends on your own personal experiences and how you can relate. Kim shares her story having an 11 month marriage with a man who had lived with HIV for more than 8 years. Kim found out about his diagnosis when her late husband was literally on his death bed. After going through his medical history and journals, she found that Brandon, her late husband, had sought out spiritual counseling and the guidance he had received was to NOT treat himself and that his faith should lead him through his condition. Spiritual leaders and other people in positions of influence are going to give their opinion when consulted on topics based on their knowledge on the subject, even if that knowledge is minimal. We cannot stop them from doing that. What we CAN do is seek medical advice from qualified medical professionals when it comes to our health. Here’s Kim’s story!

About the guest: Kimberly M. Knight is a native of Raleigh, North Carolina. She graduated from North Carolina Central University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Family & Consumer Sciences concentrating in Family & Community Services and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Social Work . She served as an Ambassador of the North Carolina AIDS Action Network Women’s Empowered Team which works directly with the Greater Than AIDS program for Alicia Key’s Empowered Initiative and has volunteered at the Alliance of AIDS Services-Carolinas since 2013. Her personal interest include her lifestyle blog, The Lux Blog™ , that discusses art, culture, entertainment, and style for North Carolina. She’s an Managing Online Content Editor and Contributing Writer for Sheen Magazine​. She’s covered red carpet events at the 2016 Black Girls Rock Awards, Sheen Magazine’s Legendary Weekend, and the Lamplight Awards. Currently, she’s a Graduate Research Assistant with UNC’s 2BeatHIV Project for the Global Health Infectious Disease Institute.

Kim can be found: & on Instagram @PrettyFabWriter

Listen to the podcast here:


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