My name is Rita McDaniel. I’m 54 and loving life! I have actively worked in the HIV field since 2010 in many capacities, but my favorite part is getting others involved. Personally, My 2018 theme song is I Believe by Whitney Houston. I do what I do because it’s very important to me that everyone has knowledge and correct information and are well informed about HIV. My primary goal for 2018 is to engage as many people living with HIV with the experience of workshops and conferences so that stigma ceases to exist and an increase is seen in efforts to build their self esteem so that we can begin healing from the inside. I want to pass the buck to others. I love 2BEATHIV because it has opened doors for the community. They have gone were no man has gone before. Captain Kurk has nothing on Allison Matthews and Kimberly Knight! The starship has just begun theres so much new territory to explore!

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